Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's talk shoes

Because every woman has some sort of shoe fetish, because no matter how many pairs of black shoes we have we can always have one more, and because they're such pretty works of art they deserve to be displayed, let's talk about shoe storage.

oh carrie bradshaw, thy will be done.

In an attempt to keep my February 1/12 list going, the cleaning out of my closet has been well under way--and I can't believe how much stuff I'm getting rid of! I do a closet purge anywhere from one to four times a year (usually after every season--winter, spring, summer, fall, not fashion seasons) because I always try to give a piece "one more season" to see if I wear it anymore. This purge has been slightly more extreme because of the weight loss. We hang on to things that are too small in the vain hope that we'll fit them again one day, but we definitely don't hang on to our clothes that are three sizes too big (I don't ever want to fit back into those)!

But now that the upper parts of my closet are under control, it's time to get the bottom half in shape. Namely: the shoes. Ms. Bradshaw would be horrified at my current shoe-living situation, as they're all scattered haphazardly with no two pairs being near their partner. It's pretty awful. So I've been trying to come up with ways of rectifying this dismal conundrum. Enter: The Container Store. Considering that I'm not nearly as organized as I want to be, this store always sends a little thrill of excitement through me.

For under $30 I can get a case of 20 of these bad boys.

The basic clear shoe box, easily stackable, easily see through-able, and will keep my babies safe. I may have to buy a few of their heeled shoe boxes for my shoes that tower at 4- and 5-inches tall ($8-$9), and a few of their boot boxes ($9), but I'd only need a couple each.

They also have the hanging systems, like this eco-friendly fabric swiveling shoe tower.

It holds 22 pairs and runs right at $30. I'd have to find an alternative for my boots (maybe a sweater hanging system?) but every size heel could fit into it. Of course, it doesn't leave much room for a growing collection as I'd have to buy another whole shoe bag once I filled up all 22 slots (come to think of it, I don't even know how many pairs I currently have...).

So those are the current options, and in all honesty, I think I like the clear boxes idea best. More so because when it comes time to move (again) they'll be easily transportable and won't wind up tossed into a box by the military movers.

I don't know that we'll make it down there this weekend (I'm hoping to have some exciting news to report after Saturday) but in the next few weeks I plan to get down there and get a system going! And I think I'll definitely have to consider something like this while I'm down there too...

So how about you? Anyone else have a closet in desperate need of organizing? Or anyone have an "after" closet? What kind of organizational system did you go with?

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