Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February's 1/12, the little things

Beginning the year with one major resolution under my belt is a real motivator! I can't even tell you what a high I was on after finishing my 1/12 for January. I immediately sat down and started scheming things for February. Part of me wondered if I should stick to the financial side, but I realized that with the new habits established, I needed to give them some time to work out before I started messing with them. So instead, this is what I've come up with for February:

I call my list "The Little Things" (insert sound clip of "Little Things" by Good Charlotte here). We all have those things that we say we want to do but just never get around to them. They're just "little things" so what's the rush? Have you stopped and put all your "little things" down on paper lately? My guess is your list probably isn't so little anymore! So that's what my second 1/12 resolution is: take care of my little things list!

1. Clean out & organize the refrigerator.
I actually want to strip this thing clean, soak my drawers, suds up the shelves, and condense the three half full bottles of mustard I have taking up valuable real estate in the doors.

2. Organize pantry.
I know of about a grillion plastic bags that are just begging to be taken to the recycle bin outside the commissary. And the garlic Triscuits my mom left me that I never eat? Why are those still in there? And why is the peanut butter next to all of Jason's gym supplements? And whose idea was it to put the chips underneath the paper plates?

3. Clean out and organize closet. Donate items to Goodwill.
I started doing this after realizing that half of my wardrobe doesn't fit me anymore. I'd rather have 3 pairs of jeans that I know fit me properly than have 10 pairs that are baggy on me, even with a belt.

4. Take brand name clothes to Plato's Closet.
Depending on your location, you may or may not have heard of these guys. I've never visited myself, but I'm planning to make my first trip this month. In an effort to either make some extra cash or replenish my dwindling attire on the cheap, I'm going to see about selling or trading in some of the items I only got to wear once or twice last year.

5. Get an upholstery quote on benches.
Remember these from my Two Nuts in a Shell days? One of them is painted, the other isn't. Both of them still harbor the slightly stained, pomp and circumstance covering of fabric they originally came with. I bought these in November 2009! 2-0-0-9! These might not actually get upholstered in February, but I will get a price quote on what it would cost. Of course, that's going to require knowing what kind of fabric I want them done in too...

6. List Bowflex and 2 TVs for sale.
I'm going to try a few avenues for this. Craigslist really hasn't given me outstanding results the last few times I've used them, but it's free and a lot of people use the site. Our base also has a site you can use, and we may even do a good old fashioned flyer by the mailboxes for our neighbors. Anything to try and get these things moved out of our garage!

7. Buy a mouse pad.
I know right? Like, how meager of an item is this?? But do you think Jason or I can ever remember to do it? Nooooope. I'm absolutely terrified of scratching up the surface of our desk, so this may be job one this month.

So as you can see my "Little Things" list has definitely got some heft to it. Before it turns into a full blown to-do list, I'm going to use February to get a jump start on it!

PS: February is also the first month our new budget is going to be enacted! I'm super excited/nervous/anxious to see how well we pull it off!


  1. I'm doing my closet this friday! But mine will also consist of a stack of clothes for the tailor.

  2. I'd thought about doing that for the ones that didn't fit me, but they're mostly jeans! I have a feeling they won't alter like normal clothes.


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