Saturday, March 19, 2011

Little country curtains

I'm not sure what made me look at our kitchen window and go "hmmmmm..." Maybe after looking at these same old mini-blinds for 17 months I finally had enough. I wanted something more colorful, cuter, more us. Because this view? Was not cutting it.

So on my way home from work one afternoon, I swung into JoAnn's. They were having a coupon mania and I had a freshly printed 50% coupon I was anxious to use on some new fabric for my soon-to-be curtains. I almost, almost grabbed this, but thought better of it when I realized it would make my kitchen very themey.

I almost grabbed a yard of this to make a pillow for the chair in our computer room as well. The blue and green would play of the papered bookcases so well! But I passed on it (I may return for it yet).

I also spotted these down one of their aisles. All they need is some paint, some distressing, and some caster wells and you've got some adorable under-the-table storage (or shoot, anywhere storage)!

And this half dome bird cage would have been cute on an outside wall, although it was a little over priced at $30.

In the end, I chose a simple yellow and white gingham fabric. I wish I had a ruffle footer on my sewing machine to give these a bit of a bunch at the top. I've read somewhere that you can mimic the look by using an extra long thread setting, and I may still try to make them look a little frillier (<-- totally a real word, spell check changed it to “frillier” from “more frilly”).

Now I'm loving the view in our kitchen!

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  1. get your sewing machine, turn to the longest stitch you can find, sew along the material (don't reverse over your ends) and then pull the threads to gather the material.

    Easy Peasy

    They look great


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