Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1

So here it is April 1. I'm supposed to have a new 1/12. Do I? NOPE! I'm definitely in puppy-love with our new baby. As I type she curled up in my lap (and Pottery Barn blanket) snoozing away. Every so often she looks up at me with those big brown eyes as if to say how come we're not cuddling in bed mama? (For the record, I never thought I'd be one of those pet owners who referred to themselves as "mama.")

But, since it is April, I gotta come up with a new 1/12. And this is what I've been thinking: buy as little as possible at full retail. Now that doesn't give me permission to shop to my heart’s content on eBay or Amazon or other full-retail-alternative stores. It means working with what I've got, using coupons when I do have to shop retail (I know I have to buy some new pieces for work for spring/summer this month), and watching for sales and clearence items (and 10% off does not qualify as a sale).

This may also develop into a bit of a DIY challenge for me. Maybe I'll start putting my sewing machine to use when I want new pillows instead of buying them. Same thing for curtains. It'll mean using up some of my wood scraps for projects, as well as fabric scraps.

And who knows, if it goes well, maybe this will be a habit I can continue throughout the year! It would be kind of nice to quell my less-than-frugal shopping habits...

Oh, and to keep this post from being completely devoid of photos, here's your truly sporting her new summer hair color. That's right, I went blonde!

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