Wednesday, December 1, 2010

From spooky to frosty

I was browsing through some old blog posts at The Inspired Room, and came across one Melissa had done on unique decorating ideas for Christmas. It had different types of ideas for trees--small ones, odd shaped ones, or ideas for foregoing a tree all together. When I saw this one, I loved the idea of using twigs as a snowy ethereal tribute to a traditional Christmas tree. However, since our yard is pretty much devoid of trees I had to figure out a way to recreate this look in another way.

I remembered I had these laying around from Halloween in my "tribute-to-Edgar-Allen-Poe" themed porch decor.

But I didn't want to leave them black--they were just too creepy to be pretty. All it took to freshen them up was a little primer and white glossy Rust-Oleum spray paint. I put them into a little glass pitcher filled with Epsom salts to simulate snow and I had a wintery themed centerpiece!

And come next Halloween, I'll spray paint them black again!

1 comment:

  1. It's 2 days till Christmas. Or 1... depending on when you celecrate.... and we STILL have yet to see your tree.

    Your audience is waiting (impatiently) :)




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