Thursday, March 15, 2012


Now that our immediate family knows, it's safe to put up on the blog. We just found out we're moving. Again. If you've kept count, this makes eight moves in seven years. Let me do that in actual numbers. 8 moves. 7 years. (SIDE NOTE: seriously, with all that moving how do we amass so much crap?!) When will we be moving? We have no idea. Where to? We have no idea. Don't you love the military??

Jason was chosen for a special duty assignment, which means he gets to be a recruiter for the next three years. He reports to school in September and some time during the class he'll get his orders. Right now a lot is up in the air, the biggest issue being whether or not I'll be moving with him. I'm truly blessed with an amazing job that I'm not only good at, but I love going to every. single. day. The benefits/pay/perks are great; the company is fabulous (they currently pay for one of our vehicles) and there's a ton of room for growth; plus my superiors actually appreciate me. It's basically the dream job I never thought I'd find (or really knew I was looking for). Aside from my job there are other mitigating factors that I won't go into right now (because let's face it, I have seven long months to obsess and write about all of this) but it seems like it's 80% sure Jason will become a geographical bachelor (the military's term, not mine). But that 20% is totally open to be a wild card.

Economically and financially speaking, we know the logical thing to do is for me to stay. But emotionally we're both torn at the thought of living apart. Yes, we'd be flying back and forth to see each other but it's not the same as living together. And three years sounds like a really long time (I mean, it is a really long time but somehow when you say it, it sounds reeeaaaallllllly long).

Granted, we could get ridiculously lucky (like rainbows-and-four-leaf-clovers-shooting-out-of-our-arses lucky) and he could get stationed here in San Diego. But we'll still have to move since he won't technically be stationed at Camp Pendleton anymore (the recruiting office he works out of will be his new duty station), which means no more military housing. While it seems like a huge loss (rent-free, utility-free living? divine!) the chance to move closer to my work would be nice (no more leaving an hour before), and it might be nice to be able to paint rooms again (depending on our landlords). Those have been the only two positives about the actual moving part I've found so far. I'm working on finding more.

So right now, my mind (and I'm sure his too) is in a million places, and all of them are dotted with question marks. I'll definitely keep the blog up to date on what we decide and while neither of us is looking forward to move #8, I think the anticipation of a new chapter has both of us optimistic. For now.

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