Monday, December 27, 2010

The gap

No, not The Gap. I mean the 25-day gap in my blogging. Ever since I've started this little journey, I don't think I've ever gone that long without a post! This year the holiday just really brought me down. I know some of you were a little worried (thanks for your comments and e-mails!) and some of you are probably curious as to what the heck I was doing with all that time away from the computer. So, in the interest of full disclosure, nosiness, and just so you understand me a little better here's what went on:

- One grandpa passed away (we laid him to rest the day before Thanksgiving, so that just got the whole holiday season off in a funk).
- My remaining grandparents both wound up in the hospital at the same time for different reasons.
- Jason and I tackled a bout of pneumonia/bronchitis that knocked us out for nearly 3 weeks.
- Friends. Drama. Lots.
- In an attempt to make myself into a non-baby-making-machine, I had an IUD placed and my body rejected it. Medicinal heroine followed.

Aside from those events, Christmas just always reminds me of the douche bag who decided to break up with me and kick me out of our apartment. On Christmas day. So it hasn't been one of my favorite holidays for some time now, and this year the memory reared its ugly head to kick me while I was down (literally).

But rest assured I've pulled myself out of the little hole I dug for my pity party and I'm back to face the world again. Or at least the blogosphere. I am woman. Hear me roar. ;)


  1. I'm glad to see that you're back on. I thought about messaging, but I thought it might be a little stalkerish, but it appears I was not the only one! ;)
    I'm sorry to hear that your holiday was a little less than merry, but it is time for a new year, which means new beginnings and happier times! =)

  2. Wow it seems that Murphy had it in for you. Like Crystal I to wanted to E-mail you but did not want to seem like I was stalking you. Now that this year is almost behind us you and your beloved have a chance to start fresh, smile,laugh often and love lots.

  3. I am happy to hear that you are still alive. 25 days without was a long time. :) And I feel stalkerish saying that. :)

    Hopefully things will be better in the new year!




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