Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The current tablescape

I realized yesterday that I had a picture of my new table setting in the header, but I'd never actually posted pictures of it on the blog. Oops! Let's fix that shall we? ;) I gave you a little tease of a preview a few weeks back when I showed you the adorable detailing on the Martha Stewart dishes my step-mom bought me for Christmas. Their playful black and white pattern and girly scalloped edges made them the perfect transitional pieces for winter into spring (whose weather we've seen a few days here and there--yesterday it was 70-degrees! but I digress...).

Here's how everything looks now that it's put together (forgive the bad lighting. we just got a new camera and I'm still learning its settings).

The green placemats I picked up at CB2 (Crate & Barrel's modern counterpart) for only $0.95 a piece. Loving how they jazz up all the black and white.

For our centerpiece, I decided I couldn't dip into any foliage yet as it is only January, so I went with an array of white candles. The tapers I bought from IKEA--I think you can get boxes of 20 candles or so for about $10.

Other details: the glasses are also from IKEA, they're nearly identical to my Pottery Barn cafe glasses (except they only cost $0.57). The napkins are from the Martha Stewart line as well (I have no idea what it's called) and were a gift with the dishes. Come spring I'm thinking I want to switch everything out for my big white pitcher and some fresh daisies, so I’ll have to get some more spring-inspired placemats and table linens. Guess I better start stalking my favorite websites for some sales!

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  1. I am loving this table set up! we're doing our entire kitchen in a white, grey, and green color scheme, so naturally, I think this is beautiful!


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