Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My first estate sale

Some people think the idea of estate sales are a little creepy since (at least here in California) it means someone has passed on. One of my sisters absolutely cannot do estate sales or anything of the kind. She just goes all "Paranormal Activity" thinking about the folks who owed her stuff before her. Me? I like a good back story. That's half the fun of going to flea markets--hearing what the peddlers have to say! (BTW, I Googled "peddler" to make sure it wasn't a derogatory term, and came up with this page. Fun!) Anyhoo... Over the weekend my friend Stacey and I went to our first estate sale, which was a little creepy as we found out someone had actually killed themselves in the home. But we made our way through and I picked up three little knickknacks.

These two mason jars are practically brand new--I'd be surprised if they've ever been used. I'd like to fill them up with either bath salts or white tapers for our bedroom.

This little guy has to be my favorite piece of the day. A little nautical bell that was hanging on one of the closet doors (Stacey supported the wobbly step stool as I got up there and unscrewed it).

It's missing the actual bell but still has all the other mechanisms. I'd love to find one and rig it up with a rope pull so that we can have a dinner bell off the kitchen.

Kind of like what Layla and Kevin have going on over at their house.

But I do think I'm going to leave ours brass for now. I like the bit of warmth it adds to all the glass and silver we have in our house. But we'll see. Once it's hung I may go "iiiiiiiiick!" All in all, my three little trasures didn't even cost me a dime! They were such "measley" little objects, the home owner wasn't even concerned with charging me for them!

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  1. I want that bell. Either one actually. More importantly the one with the anchor. I love that you got it all for free!

    Not enough people die where I am from and have estate sales.


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