Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lime tree in a box

Back in July I started a little project with some saucers and vinyl lettering that I had lying around. The saucers I bought back at a flea market in North Carolina. Even after the tea cups had broken or chipped, I didn't have the heart to toss their little playmates. The vinyl lettering came from Miss Leen the Graphics Queen.

In September I finally purchased a set of the famous herb nesting crates from Whitewash Sundries.

And just a few days ago, I finally found an arragement that I liked.

I used an assortment of my vinatge silverware to fill up the parsley crate. I got almost 300 pieces on eBay for $20. Most of them are tarnished, but I love them anyways.

In the larger crate, I wanted to go with something green. I ordered a bush of faux-boxwood branches from Hobby Lobby with the plan to stick them into a piece of floral foam. But as I started arranging them, I kind of liked the wild haphazard look they created when they fell naturally. But it needed something else.

My sisters bought me a bag of dried limes from Pottery Barn for Christmas, knowing that lime green was one of my current favorite decorating colors. {{insert big grin here}} So I tucked them in amongst the boxwood branches.

And now I'm loving my little lime forest!

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  1. I LOVE those herb boxes! I have never seen them before but I really think I might have to order some now! I really like the limes in there too!


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