Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February's 1/12, recap

The Little Things" list actually got a bit of a jump start at the end of January, as some of the things I was so anxious and excited to do I couldn't wait until February first. Which ended up working out because other things ::cough::upholstery quotes!::cough:: took longer for me to get around to. In fact, due to the big jute monster knocking me down for two weeks, most of these things were accomplished in the last weekends and days of February!

1. Clean out & organize the refrigerator.
Done(ish). It's hard to keep any sort of organization when you're constantly restocking, having leftovers, and needing to rearrange. But the shelves are clean, and that's what makes the whole thing feel cleaner.

2. Organize pantry.
Done(ish). See above. ;)

3. Clean out and organize closet. Donate items to Goodwill.
Done, and I now have one side of my closet that is completely empty. I may start hanging things that I'd previously designated as "drawer" items, and try to free up a few.

4. Take brand name clothes to Plato's Closet.
Done, and an interesting experience. I found a super adorable green dress that will look very cute when paired with my tan blazer and some wedges this summer. The great thing, it was only $7! I may visit them more often...

5. Get upholstery quote on benches.
Done. And may I just say, not going to happen! The cheapest quote I got was $65 a pop, and that with me supplying my own fabric! Are you kidding me?? I wasn't having them install any kind of trim or anything--just changing the fabric. I'm going to re-evaluate these benches and see if there's a DIY solution hiding in there somewhere. To save $130 I'll figure it out!

6. List Bowflex and 2 TVs for sale.
Done(ish). The two TVs ended up at Goodwill with our old couches. We realized no one is buying the boxy sets anymore, not even for $50. So rather than let them keep taking up valuable DIY real estate in our garage, we loaded them up into my step-dad's pickup truck and hauled 'em away. The Bowflex, one of our friends is debating on buying, so we're holding off on listing it. But if it's still in the garage come mid-March, it's going up on Craigslist.

7. Buy a mouse pad.
Done. I actually showed you a quick tutorial on how I saved money and made our new mouse pad out of a free promotional gift and some leftover fabric. You can check that out here.

So yay! Another month, another 1/12 resolution down! And there were so many other things that got finished this month--the new couches, a rug change, a new table (!!), and an adorable co-op sign that I can't wait to show you a tutorial on.

Ready or not, here comes March!

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