Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March's 1/12, St. Patrick's Day

I have one goal, and one goal only for March: celebrate St. Patrick's Day in an authentic Irish way (and I don't mean getting hammered on green beer at the local pub). For years Jason and I have wanted to do up a traditional holiday meal, and listen to music, and just enjoy this seemingly random holiday. But most years he's either just been deployed, or returns from a deployment a week later, or we've just gone vegetarian and don't know how to cook up a variation of corned beef.

But it's not just going to be about the food--ambiance is also important in Irish homes, especially when it comes to meals. And if you think I'm going to bedeck our house in glittery shamrocks and plastic leprechauns you've lost your mind Jack! Here's what (I'm hoping) our St. Patrick's Day decor will look like.

Think lots of natural elements--potted clovers, moss, maybe some wooden mushrooms for a touch of whimsy, nubby linens in warm hues, and possibly even a few paper bag lanterns. I want it all to feel very warm, inviting, and simple.

For the meal, if I can find a vegetarian version of corned beef and cabbage, I'll try to make it. If not, I'll do a fish and cabbage (supposedly, corned beef and cabbage is actually an Americanized dish) or maybe a stew. Irish soda bread will absolutely be on the menu and for dessert possibly a Barnbrack with Irish tea. And of course, there will be potatoes a-plenty.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have exactly 16 days to complete this 1/12! Stay tuned because it's going to get very busy around here!

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  1. Love the potted clover! Now you have inspired me to find a good colcannon recipe...


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