Saturday, April 9, 2011

All Pottery Barn, all weekend!

A funny thing happened to me last Friday (April 1) at the gym. No, thankfully it wasn't an April Fool's prank (I loathe April Fool's Day), but it was slightly comical. Here's the scene:

Me on the Roman chairs struggling through my last set of crunches. I'm looking at a girl on the mat two spaces away from Jason. He looks up at me and I mouth, "I think I know her," and shift my eyes to the blonde girl I've been staring at way too frequently now. He gives her a glance and just shrugs. I get down from the chairs and join him on the mat--conveniently next to this mysterious girl. Finally, I can't take it anymore and I turn to her.

Me: I'm sorry, but I think I know you from somewhere.
Her (slightly concerned she has a stalker): Really?
Me: Yes... (then it dawns on me) you work at Pottery Barn?!

Her (relieved): Yes! (she even smiles) A big fan?
Me: Actually I took a decorating class there and you ran it. You were so awesome and you helped me throughout the day.
Her: Which class?
Me: Oh, it was early last year. I made a lot of suggestions during class and you asked--
Her: --if you were a designer and if not did you want a job here!!

We fall into a fit of giggles and our husbands are looking at us like were crazy. Hers even asks, "Pottery Barn?"

During our quick catch up, she tells me of a new class on Sunday that she's running called "How To Design Your Family Room" and I immediately agreed to go (even though our living room was completed last year, I don't mind some pointers on how to update it here and there). Then she informs me of some tragic news: our local Pottery Barn outlet store is closing this month! Noooo! I was so sad--I haven't even gotten a chance to visit it once! She's not sure why they're closing (maybe they'll move closer to San Diego?? Yes??) but whatever the reason, it looks like it's happening.

However, I'm fortunate enough to have a husband who understands my Pottery Barn mania and he not only agreed to accompany me to the class on Sunday (retribution for me hauling boxes all last Saturday at the Iron Man competition), but today I'm making my first (and what may be my last) trip to the outlet store. My camera is packed and I'm ready to see what all the hype is about! ;)

images courtesy of Pottery Barn and Shop America Tours

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