Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 1/12, fail(ish)

Okay, there's no shame in admitting that some resolutions you just can't keep right? Well, consider my April 1/12 to buy as little as possible at full retail a failure. Maybe not so much a failure as "not such a good idea for a resolution." Yes, I used coupons where I could (JoAnn's mainly), and yes I used discounts where I got 'em (Pottery Barn and the outlet, my military discount at Home Depot), but I don't feel like I actually did anything productive this month--which I hate because all of my other 1/12's have made me feel very productive!

However, I did get reacquainted with eBay (I forgot what good deals you can find if you try), and I got accustomed to checking the free section on Craigslist almost daily to see what people were getting rid of (man did I miss out on some good things!), and I remembered that there are places like Goodwill where you can get picture frames for a buck.

So, while I didn't make any Earth shattering discoveries or manage to sock away an extra $500, I was reminded that while it's easier to shop at retail stores sometimes it's more satisfying to hunt down those bargains. Makes the rewards a little sweeter...

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