Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So much to do, so little time...

So, I have like a million things I want to show you, but if I wrote a post on each of them it would probably take up the rest of the year to show case each and everyone of them. So how about I do one post touching on all the things I really really really want to do in the super near furture (and a few I'm working on right now)?

1. I'm dying to try my hand at these storage caddies (photo from That's My Letter, plans from Ana White) 2. I love how this white pencil starfish mounted on a piece of moudling adds a touch of coatsal charm (from The Shabby Chic Cottage) 3. These stenciled stools are popping up everywhere, and I'd love to make some for our breakfast bar (photo from The Painted Hive) 4. After many failed attempts at finding a way to DIY new knobs for our dresser, I've finally found something I like (from The Painted Hive) 5. This simple white pillow with a burlap accent has me swooning (photo source unknown) 6. I don't know how long I've had this photo tucked away in my inspiration files, but I'm currently working on replicating this headboard (from Better Homes & Gardens) 7. Our soffits are crying out for a little vintage sign (photo from That's My Letter)

8. I'd love to find something similar to this for our bathroom--the hunt is on (photo source unkown) 9. My plan is to build something like this to hang the cushions from for our new head board (from etsy) 10. I'm itching to try the old modge-podge-and-food-coloring trick to turn plain mason jars into blue ones (photo source unknown) 11. This wooden utensil caddy is so freaking adorable--I'm hoping I have the right scraps to make this soon (from Ana White) 12. Aren't these DIY charges cute? And so easy to make (from Shanty to Chic) 13. I plan to make two sets of the barn beam ledges--one set for our master bedroom, and one for down stairs (from Ana White)

That was just the quick run down! As I said before: so much to do, so little time...

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