Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rug crazy

I  think I may have a bit of an obsession with rugs. As in the kind that go on your floor, not the bad kind guys wear. It started when we discovered IKEA carried adorable and perfectly proportion rugs for as cheap as $15! We've had two of theirs now (the first one we had to get rid of because it was around when we first brought Tessie home and she had a chewing habit we had to break her of) and we've loved them both. But the flexibility of being able to change the look of our living room for just a few bucks has really spoiled us (and yes I mean us).

So when we brought out the brown slipcovers for the spring (we'd purchased white ones for winter and went with a grey and white rug) we knew it was time to find another floor covering. I scouted (and pinned!) a bunch of different options ranging from to Crate & Barrel to Dash & Albert (sadly, nothing at IKEA caught my eye this time). I picked 6 and let Jason weigh in on his opinion too. Because you know, it's his house just as much as it is mine and I want him to like the way it looks too. These were the 6 I landed on..

Their prices ranged between $50 to just over $100. We decided that we could go with something a little more expensive since we wanted it to be a rug we kept around the house for more than just the winter season (especially since spring starts in January here).

After studying the materials (we hate jute, so most of these were either cotton, wool or polypropylene), the care (we like rugs we can either shake or hose off), and how the sizes compared to the prices we opted to go with the Bistro Stripe Cotton Mat from Pottery Barn.

While technically a "mat" and not a "rug" we liked the colors, the pattern and how light it was. After some additional discussion, we also decided to go whole hog and purchase the 5x8' size. With the rug pad, shipping, tax, and all the good stuff our new addition rang up at $171.32. Eesh. That was a hard pill to swallow. So I opted to wait before buying it...

...and they sold out! D'oh!! I must have revisited Pottery Barn over and over again in the vain hope that they would restock it, and when they did they no longer carried the 5x8' size. But they did carry an 8x10' for $170! Ouch.

Finding a new rug became the bane of my existence. And then I started seeing stuff like this (HINT: this rug was DIY'd)

And that led me to Google "how to paint a rug"

And now I'm thinking...

A basic rug from IKEA would make the perfect canvas to recreate the Pottery Barn rug I want. And at only $70 (for a 4x6'), the Egeby rug is exactly $100 less than its luxury counterpart. Of course I'm not taking into account my time, sweat, and tears  the technical aspect of it, but if I'm going to attempt a painted rug, I don't think I can go wrong beginning with stripes...or totally copying that chevron pattern above...

Uh-oh...famous last words?

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