Monday, April 25, 2011

Project copy cat, 2nd edition

It's been a while since I did my first Project Copycat when I made a hook rack for our guest bedroom. I quite literally copied the idea from a design I'd seen on etsy that was waaaay out of my budget.

Different from a "knock-off," a "copycat" is when you copy something exactly (or as exact as you can be) from its original source. All the while giving credit of course! So here's my latest copycat: These super cute mushrooms from That's my Letter.

(photo courtesy of That's My Letter)

I love how whimsical red and white mushrooms are--especially in a garden. So I decided to turn mine into garden stakes by inserting a wooden skewer into the bottom of each mushroom (leftover from early this year when we did kabobs!). Also, I sprayed mine with polyurethane to make them more waterproof before I wrapped the stems in jute.

Here you can see how the recent rain we had just pooled on top rather than soaking in.

Also from That's My Letter (I love her blog, can you tell?) were these jute wrapped pears. She was inspired by Ballard Designs.

(photo courtesy of That's My Letter)

So far, I only have one done. These suckers are much more time consuming than the mushrooms are. But I'm loving my one and only pear at the moment. ;)

*Side note: from those of you who have idiots working at your Michaels, I found my mushrooms and pears in the $1 bin--not the aisle (because I know our local store usually has a $1 aisle set up for seasonal items), but the bins that tend to be full of useless crap tiny trinkets. And while Jaime reports that hers were $1.50, mine were actually just $1. Go figure local pricing!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE it! Excellent DIY job on all. love the pears. Happy gluing!! lol.
    My Michael's people are clueless as well.
    I just don't get it. They look at me like I'm a monkey.

    xo Jeanne.
    Jeanne @ bees knees bungalow.


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