Friday, June 3, 2011

June's 1/12, K.I.S.S.

As in Keep It Simple Stupid. Since we started adhering more to our monthly budget, we've noticed a lot of things have fallen to the wayside--some had to fall. Take for instance my projects. Throughout the month of May, I didn't buy supplies for any new projects (everything had been purchased in April). We noticed the amount of money I was delegating to so many DIY things was really starting to add up. So I promised not to start anything else unless I a.) had the supplies on hand, or b.) finished more things of our family to-do list (like still organize the office from when it was moved downstairs, and getting the garage in order).

Also, we're trying to curb our eating out habits--imagine our horror when we realized in one month we spent almost $500 eating out!! And after a very successful birthday spend-a-thon (with birthday money) I'm trying to be smarter when it comes to my shopping habits (I've had to buy new clothes because so many of my old ones were donated to Goodwill).

So, this month's goal is to keep life as simple as possible. Take time to appreciate the free things (our new favorite activity has been reading and laying outside with Tessie while she chases her ball around), or the cheap things (namely discount stores--I'm going to do a mini-show and tell of what my birthday money netted me by sticking to stores like TJ Maxx, Payless, Marshalls, and Ross).

I'm also going to try and focus more on our little family. I think sometimes my head is so wrapped up in paint, and sanders and jigsaws that I forget about who lives in the house I'm so feverishly trying to decorate.

Oh, and hopefully we'll make some headway on that garage too...

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