Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The real stuff

You know what's really unglamorous and unfun to blog about? Moving pictures off your hard drive. When my husband pointed out that we barely had over 9GB left on our 222GB drive, we started looking for ways to free up some space. I realized that we have pictures dating back to 2005 (read: when we first started dating!) and that would probably free up a chunk of space.

(Shopping for my wedding dress, 2006. Don't I look like a child?)

It's taking forever because the discs are smaller than I anticipated--or rather the folders of pictures are larger than I realized. I guess in a way that's kind of a good thing. I mean, look at how many pictures we've taken over the 7 years we've been together!

(A rare peek at our house back east when we first dipped our toes into the DIY/decor pool.)

On the other hand, do I have to be so damn camera happy?? I'm shocked at some of the dumb stuff I've taken pictures of over the years! A vase full of faux flowers and sand? That's a memory maker for sure! Our sofa bed pulled out into a guest bed? Genius!

(Christmas 2007. Um, ick? What was I thinking--black hair??!)

Although seeing how we've both "grown up" over the years has been pretty hysterical too. Fashion faux-pas, clothing trends, even just how our faces have changed. Of course, my favorite indicators of how the years have passed are our Marine Corps ball pictures. We're missing a few from years that either didn't have a ball (thanks to deployments), or we didn't go (thanks to venue sizes).





In the meantime...I'm only up to 2007. This is going to be a long process.

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