Friday, January 6, 2012

De-crapifying attempt #1: hello bookworms

I hate to admit how much I love that word de-crapifying. It's so unlady-like. Come to think of it, maybe that's why I like it so much...I digress. I don't know if I've ever explained just how many books Jason and I own. Take for example this bookcase that we purchased last Christmas at IKEA.

(Ooh, ahh, so pretty and staged...)

Yeah it didn't look like that for long since it need to actually hold up its end of the job (namely, housing books). That puppy was filled up faster than I could say getridofsomedamnbooksalready! Oh, and did I mention we actually own two of those bookcase? And they're both filled overflowing? I didn't? Well they are!!

So in an attempt to start filling in some bare nooks and crannies of our house, I started thinking why not use what I clearly have plenty of? BOOKS! Rather than buying trivial (but pretty) items from places like Pottery Barn or Michaels, I started digging through the bookcases. Jason and I love our books with a ridiculous passion. We hyperventilate at the thought of letting anyone borrow one (what if it doesn't get returned?) and the thought of getting rid of anything that isn't falling apart at the spine makes us want to cry. Yeah...we have problems...we know.

Thus I give you my first meaningful vignette of the year--and the first step towards making more room in our bookcases and weeding out the junk. (Sorry in advance for the bad photos. Our landing has no windows which means purely artificial--and therefore bad!--lighting)



Maybe others would have left this ledge alone, but I hated coming to the top of our stairs and seeing nothing. I've tried using vases, picture frames, and a lot of other little things to make it look more homey. But really it just looked cluttered. The books seem deliberate. Chunky. Filling. (Campbell's soup anyone?) Plus, I love love love my not-so-subtle tribute to our military heritage by using red white and blue books (which is a display I lost in the bookcases when I needed to fill them). Also? This little "bookend..." my solution to the fact that we don't technically own bookends. (I know, WTF?) This porcelain rose was a gift from my ma (the yellow rose is the symbol of the Marine wife) and by stacking it on top of red, white, and blue books I feel like it's the perfect little display.

Books as decor =

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