Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's not always about the UPgrades

Believe it or not we're actually thinking about downsizing our bed. This may not be any great shocker to some people (how many of us have gone from Cal Kings to Kings, or Kings to Queens?) but we're about to go down to--gulp--a full. [insert horrified screaming here] I know, it seems crazy. But hear me out.

We've wanted a new bed for sometime now, because while our mattresses-on-a-metal-frame-thing-from-WalMart isn't horrible, the bed squeaks and shakes like something from a bad motel (and I mean just doing the basics--not to get too adult here). When one of us is sick with a cough, you better believe that thing convulses right along with us. Rolling out of bed in the morning is unpleasant as well; think of an old attic door slowly being opened (BTW, our wake up times can be anywhere between 4:00 and 7:00--major sleep interruption). If Jason is having a restless night I feel every toss and turn because the whole bed sways. Have I made my point as to why we need some sort of a new bed?

As far as the whole size thing? We have an extra bed frame in storage. A real bed frame with side rails, headboard, foot board and all--it just happens to be a Full sized bed. We could have easily gone out to purchase a Queen, but it felt like a massive waste of money. Oh, and we also have mattresses for it too courtesy of my mom's old guest room. So how can we pass up a free bed just because we would lose three inches from either side and two and a half inches from the top and bottom?

So we're looking for some fresh ideas, trying to figure out how we're going to move stuff around (right now we'll probably have to rent a truck since we all drive 4-door sedans), and taking our time making sure that we don't end up keeping more junk (the upholstered headboard will probably be CraigsListed or put on our base website). In the meantime, here's one of the first photos that's caught my eye (from Pinterest).

Doesn't this make you miss summer??

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