Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I have no clever title for this post...

Seriously, I must have sat here for a good ten minutes trying to think of something quirky but cute to say about my latest list-crossing-off attempt. Writer's block! Anyhoo...progress is the name of the game! I'm throwing myself into projects to keep my mind off of M#8 (because truthfully, I think about it all. day. long.) and I'm crossing things off of my list with a Zorro-like fever. Take that sconces! Feel my wrath hutch! And currently, my hands are covered in Wedgewood Gray paint from the end table! Woot!

And I mean WOOT.

When I first took on this newest make-over, I thought it would be as simple as busting out a roller, maybe removing the legs, and it would be done in a day. HA! Shows how much I know! This was the post I put up on Facebook after my first day of working on it.

For shizz. I was D-O-N-E (and note, that was posted Sunday. It's now Wednesday. Night). I couldn't believe how anal I got about wanting to fix all of the mistakes I made on the first round of building. In all fairness, it was the first thing I've ever built from scratch, so I guess some blunders here and there are bound to happen. The biggest pains (but most rewarding results) have been removing the old caulking and wood putty, and re-drilling the holes with a counter sink bit.

I don't own a Kreg Jig (yet) so after I originally built this piece, I realized how important it was to counter sink screws so they could be filled in properly with wood putty. Also, one of the skirt pieces had to be replaced really bad because I stripped the screw head, tried to remove it by less, um, "conventional means" (read: banging on it with a hammer), and realized salvaging it was hopeless. Luckily, I had a spare piece of matching wood and I'm able to cut a new piece. I'd like to replace the other two sides as well where I doubled up some thinner pieces (you can see them on the left and right sides of this picture), but I'm not too concerned with those at this point.

Okay, and I'm sorry with with all the screws and woods I've dropped in this post, I feel like it's mildly PG-13-ish. No? Just me being immature? Okay...moving on...

The photos above show only one coat of my Wedgewood Gray paint, and I've already added a second. I'm slowly becoming obsessed with this color! I still have to paint in between the planks, but I'm debating on whether or not I'll try to fill in seams this time around. Now that everything has been sanded and repainted it doesn't look as bad with the seams unfinished.

I'm hoping to have it completed by this weekend (or shoot, tomorrow even!). But in non-table make over news, I do have to show you some other artwork I've been working on.

Alright, normally I hate feet shots and my little wrinkly toes are nothing to write home about. But isn't this nail art from Sephora cute?? It's my new favorite "accessory" and I've done a set on my fingers (since removed) and now this one on my toes. The manicure lasted a solid two weeks, and the only reason I removed it was because the grow out from my nails was starting to look less than classy. BONUS: I think it makes your nails stronger because I didn't have a single one break the entire time I wore them. Unheard of for me!

So that's the latest around here. Hopefully I'll have some after photos to share sooner rather than later. Sunday we're supposed to make a trip to IKEA for a few odds and ends (maybe finally get the brackets to complete my Pottery Barn knock-off shelves??) and possibly look at a bed frame for the master bedroom (since the bed is staying).

Feels good to be back up to my elbows in DIY. 

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