Monday, March 19, 2012

A list (updated) & more on M#8

Progress. Somewhat.

-Knock-off Pottery Barn shelves for downstairs (still need brackets)
-Moving the new bed in (and getting rid of the old one)  see why this one is being removed from the list below...
-Finishing the hutch my grandmother gave me  check out the completed project here!
-Repainting wall sconces my dad gave me  now I just have to decide where to hang them...
-Organizing the bookcases
-Repainting my DIY end table (in progress)
-Revamping the dresser in my mom's room (a.k.a. the guest room that she calls hers)
-Taking a crap load of stuff to Goodwill

So, since we announced the impending move later this year, we've been trying make decisions based on three different scenarios: Jason and I both moving out of state, Jason and I both moving locally, Jason moving out of state and me moving locally. The first two are fairly straight forward--everything moves with us. The third option has us (read: the military) moving Jason and then us moving the rest of our stuff in with me or into storage (or both). Since there's a possibility that Jason will need his own bed (since he won't be stationed at a base there's no barracks for him to live in, so he'll be renting a room somewhere) we decided to keep our queen (for me) and he'll take the full bed we have in storage with him.

Yay for being kind of lazy and never getting around to having the old bed hauled away!

I'll be so happy when we're not working off scenarios and can start making some real decisions. 

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