Friday, March 30, 2012

Table luvre

Issues I had (but cleverly hid in the original reveal photos) with this table:

Screws that weren't counter sunk (or even level with the surface)
I didn't use the right screws to begin with, so my drill wasn't able to drive them all the way flat to the wood. Most of them stuck out quite noticeably. I used the right screws on the rebuild and it's made a huge difference in the aesthetics.

Lack of counter sinking = lack of hiding said screws
Investing in a counter sink bit set was one of the smartest things I could have done (aside from investing in a Kreg Jig, which wasn't really around when I originally built this). It enabled me to (properly) wood putty over the screws and hide them. Result? A much more "professional finish."

Paint job
Really, the glazing. Over time my heirloom white paint + Ralph Lauren Smoke glaze = a color that was almost pink and fleshy! Ick. It was really creepy. And it also highlighted every. single. one. of my mistakes or flaws. Plus, it made the table constantly look dirty. Glaze is great, but this was not the right project for it.

Bad decision to try and hide the wood seams
I globbed on the wood putty thinking I could sand it down to a nice smooth finish. Wrong. I ended up making a little sign to place in front of the edge that I messed up on (and put that edge against a wall) just to hide it. This was by far the most labor intensive part of the rebuild. I sanded, chipped, and even used a small handsaw to cut away the layers of wood putty that I caked on. But the ability to have a clean and clear table without having to hide such an obvious boo-boo made it worth it a hundred times over!

The blue adds such a fun pop of color to our living room, and it ties in with the hutch from the dinning room, and even the bookcases in the office. I have a feeling this color (along with the apple/pea shoot green) is going to become a recurring theme in our house.

Oh, and for those of you wondering just how close Home Depot managed to color match to my Pottery Barn color swatch...

I'd say pretty damn close!

TOTAL COST: $6 for paint rollers

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